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Site Description
Craig Moates Website Bin Switchers, Ford EEC hardware, Burning accessories, etc.
Transtronics Makers of the Romulator and Pocket Programmer II (emulation and burning hardware)
AKM Cables ALDL cables and accessories
OBD2 All-in-one Lots of good stuff, including OBDII Interface for most vehicles, MEFI stuff, and more. A great company to work with.

Other Tuners & Tuning Software

Site Description
WinALDL Jonas Bylund's free (160 baud only) ALDL software
TunerCat Everyone knows about TunerCat. Do you? Take a look!
WinBin The bin editor that started the free-bin-editor craze! Uses the ECU file format. (WINBIN seems to be no longer avilable!)
New Jersey-based tuner and vendor


General DIY-Tuning & PROM Information

Site Description
Thirdgen.org Great information and some of the best message boards for general (and specific) DIY mechinics & tuners
diy-efi.org A *fantastic* mailing list, the best ftp for files, and a very informative website!
openecu.org Subaru tuning site
The Turbo Regal Web Site A great Grand National related tuning site and organization
Motronic Web Site Information on Motronic tuning
pcmhacking.net A great forum dedicated to all things GM ECU hacking related
Mobile apps aimed at the serious EFI and chassis enthusiast or professional.


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