Change History

Version 5
Version 4

Version 5

5.00.7427.00 (BETA) (12/25/10): Download

  • Added infrastructure for checksum plug-ins (currently for XDFs. ADXs later.)
  • Added check box in compare bin load box to simplify enablement/disablement of compare bins
  • Fixed bug where lockup could occur when changing histograms when many cells are selected
  • Fixed bug where current item value in monitors wasn't always showing the proper number of decimal places
  • Fixed issue where linked values weren't being calculated correctly during log export when the values depend on different response packets (more complex definitions). Some cases may still be handled poorly; I'm continuing to improve this.
  • Fixed issue where monitors didn't update when editing monitored value's conversion equation
  • Fixed issue where impropper error message was posted when canceling the file dialog when saving a recorded log
  • Fixed issue where playback multiplier persisted between instances wasn't being properly set before playing after loading a new instance
  • Fixed crash when using difference tool with mismatched compare bin size
  • Fixed bug where XDF Flag parameter's LSB first setting wasn't being persisted
  • Fixed bug where log could not be replayed after reaching the end of playback
  • Fixed bug that caused "invalid log file" to be displayed when no log file has been opened
  • Fixed crash in XDF table editor when entering more rows or columns than are supported
  • Fixed defect where status gauge false text color wasn't stored properly when edited in ADX dashboard

5.00.7330.00 (BETA) (12/1/10): Download

  • Clicking in a monitor will now result in seek in the log, even when stopped
  • Development environment updated to Visual Studio 2010
  • Reduced download size by utilizing CRT SxS in VS2010
  • Fixed bug in table editor where right-clicking and selecting "select all" wasn't working
  • Fixed bug in table editor where Ctrl + A select-all wasn't updating the status bar with selection info
  • Fixed bug where nested function calls were yielding incorrect results (e.g. an IF within an IF)
  • Fixed bug that prevented a table editor from updating when the table's pure internal axis properties are modified
  • Fixed crash when XML string escapement results in string longer than output can handle
  • Fixed bug in Version 4 XDF importer where the flag data size wasn't being set correctly
  • Fixed bug when equation uses output from another parameter that uses 16-bit source data resulted in data being saved incorrectly

5.00.7273.00 (BETA) (10/10/10) Download

  • Fixed bug where making changes to a function while emulating could result in the wrong data being uploaded to the emulator
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl + A wasn't selecting-all in table editors and histograms
  • Fixed compare difference mode in table editor when using address or other types of variables/functions
  • Fixed compare plots in graphs when using address or other types of variables/functions
  • Fixed crash when loading XDF while item is selected in ordered list view in the tree
  • Fixed crash when editing XDF items with no title
  • Fixed bug in historgrams where running min or max might be incorrect
  • Fixed bug in history tables with history depth > 10 where history data may be incorrectly calculated when the history sample count goes above 10

5.00.7246.00 (BETA) (9/26/10) Download

  • Table editor now support scatter selection via ctrl key (Ctrl Left-click). Can be combined with region selection (via shift key and via mouse dragging).
  • Table smoothing can be done on as little as a single point, and can be used for 1D/2D tables
  • Fixed reverse calculation of expressions that could result in dividing by zero (e.g. 1020/X, where X could be zero). This was broken in the previous two builds.

5.00.7184.00 (BETA) (9/21/10)

  • Added option to not reload editors when parameter properties are changed while editor is open with uncommitted changes
  • Added table editor edited text color, low value cell color, and high value cell color to preferences
  • Fixed bug where history table plot wasn't being updated when changing view while showing graph
  • Fixed "rogue" (optimized build only - meaning hard to debug) issue where new-format ADX files aren't reloaded correctly (namely, the command byte strings are being loaded incorrectly)

5.00.7174.00 (BETA) (9/20/10)

  • Added ability to patch bin files from Motorola S-Record files (*.S19, etc), via the File->Patch Bin menu item
  • By default, data acquisition logs are exported in their entirety. Optionally, you can selectively export specific objects
  • Increased max ADX command byte string (number of bytes in the command) to slightly over 500 bytes
  • Fixed bug that caused changes to variables to not propagate through function calls in XDF expressions (breaking the IF function, most notably)
  • Fixed crash in ADX histogram editor when browsing for X or Y axis object and not selecting anything
  • Fixed bug where comparing data for XDF parameters that use the output from other objects was using the original data instead of the compare data
  • Fixed bug where address variables/functions were pulling data from the edit buffer instead of the comparison buffer when comparing bins in xdf parameter editors
  • Fixed bug in XDF Table Object Editor where apply button wasn't enabled after editing a row/col internal definition expression
  • Fixed issue in color preferences where color buttons weren't updating properly

5.00.7066.00 (BETA) (9/06/10)

  • When playing back a data acquisition log, if TunerPro is connected to vehicle, monitoring will first be stopped
  • Fixed xdf address variable type, where data sizes other than 8 bit weren't being persisted
  • Fixed issue where XDF table per-cell equation variables were not being properly parsed
  • Fixed issue when recording a second log in the same instance of TunerPro, where the second log's first packet start time is incorrect, leading to a log file that won't play
  • Fixed ADXValue editor issue where selecting between values with the conversion tab active resulted in ADXValue variables becoming corrupt

5.00.7045.00 (BETA) (9/04/10)

  • Fixed issue with table editor scratch buffer being undersized for complex table layouts (those that use more complex major and minor strides)
  • Fixed crash when setting ADX equation to hex constant, or when using long variable names
  • Moved Recent Defs in the Acquisition menu to the position above the first separator
  • Fixed issue where ADX lookup tables set to output anything other than floating point weren't being loaded from file correctly

5.00.7004.00 (BETA) (8/23/10)

Note to plug-in developers: You will need to rebuild your plug-ins with the latest SDK in order for them to function with this build.

  • New and improved math (expression) engine. See the documentation (General Conversion Editor) on the new features.
  • Added experimental fix for the rampant errors being reported while data logging. Please provide feedback.
  • Added ability to set per-cell, per-row, and per-column equations for XDF tables
  • Added ability to in XDF tables to change the major and minor axis strides. See the XDF Table Editor documentation and the editor tooltips for more information.
  • Changed default file filter when opening bins from .bin to all files
  • Added scanning features necessary for simultaneous Quarterhorse datalogging and emulation
  • Worked a tad on the documentation. Anyone want to write docs for me?
  • Added index size, signed property, and LSBFirst property to 2D data viewer (table finder)
  • Plug-ins: more emu caps flags added. All emu caps flags enforced in UI now.
  • Plug-ins: added rs232echo ADX setting to data acq HW initialization
  • Quarterhorse data upload and download is significantly faster
  • Fixed issue where 3D graph x/y label axis labels could overwrite the bottom-most Z axis label, leading to unreadable label text
  • Fixed (hacked around) a longstanding issue where the scalar editor wouldn't be activated if it was in the background and the user clicked in the edit control
  • Fixed issue where flags weren't imported from .ECU files
  • Fixed issue where XDFs with base offsets set in the header would not data trace correctly
  • Fixed issue where negative numbers couldn't be entered for ADX lookup tables
  • Fixed issue where binary AND (&) was being confused for logical AND (&&) in expression evaluator
  • Fixed issue with leading negative in evaluation (e.g. "(1*-3.1)+7")
  • Fixed issue with stepping 16-bit items
  • Fixed V4 XDF importation bug, where internally defined table axis signage and endianness weren't being imported (at all) and were left defaulted (to MSB first, unsigned)
  • Fixed issue where, when changing the conversion equation for an ADXValue, the previous configuration for variables was lost if variable still exists in new equation
  • Fixed minor memory leak in ADX Editor
  • Fixed issue where last bit in a flag wasn't considered during a difference comparison in the difference tool

5.00.6356.00 (BETA) (6/1/10)

  • Added ability to set parity, byte size (bits), and stop bits in ADX definition header
  • Added ability to specify individual baud rates for each ADX command (or 0 to use the baud rate set in the ADX header). This is useful for ECUs that require the scanner to listen at one baud rate, then switch to another to send data (Ducati, GM 1227165, etc).
  • Fixed issue with Ostrich full 4Mbit mode (bank 8) emulation (incremental uploads were incorrect for oversize bins)
  • Fixed Ostrich address watch (data tracing) of oversized bins in 4Mbit (bank 8) mode
  • Updated to common controls v6. Most controls should be themed now (with the exception of the main toolbar - this is on purpose).
  • Fixed issue with address variable types (data wasn't being pulled from bin, but instead from incorrect temporary buffer)
  • Fixed address watch when watching 2D tables. Hits were detected, but cells weren't highlighted in 2D tables.
  • Fixed crash in ADX Editor where, if you remove an ADX value that a history table axis, monitor, or dash references, then select that history table, monitor, or dash without first saving the ADX, the editor crashes
  • Fixed issue on Vista/Win7 machines where the emulation/DA plug-in settings weren't being properly loaded, due to them being written to the virtual store
  • Fixed crash on startup when previously selected plug-in is no longer available
  • Fixed issue where keyboard shortcuts weren't disabled when editing the XDF header, making it impossible to type any plain characters used as shortcuts
  • Fixed issue where Tunerpro disappears from alt-tab when the XDF properties editors are open

5.00.6156.00 (BETA) (5/18/10)

  • Fixed yet another XDF load/import issue, where 16-bit scalars weren't being persisted and loaded correctly (they ended up being loaded as 8-bit scalars). If you saved your definition with build 6154 and it had 16-bit scalars, your definition is broken. You'll need to move to a backup XDF (hopefully) or reset your 16-bit scalars to 16-bit. Sorry. This is why we have betas.

5.00.6154.00 (BETA) (5/16/10)

  • Added ability to link ADX files to required plug-ins
  • Fixed issue where embedded table axis data size parameter wasn't being persisted correctly, and defaulted to 16-bit when 8-bit was desired.
  • Fixed a crash when re-ordering XDF items (in ordered list mode within the tree) and hovering over a newly rearranged item
  • Fixed the 3D data viewer. Apparently it's been broken quite a while.

5.00.6115.00 (BETA) (5/13/10)

  • Re-enabled MAF Translator Pro (didn't mean to disable it in the first place!)
  • Fixed calculations that involve division (e.g. "1234.0 / X" )
  • Fixed ADX output type of "Percent of Defined Range." It works now.

5.00.6089.00 (BETA) (5/10/10)

  • Added the ability to copy and paste XDF items both within a single instance and across instances of TunerPro. Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, as normal. Note that "insert item copy" has been removed in favor of this.
  • Added ability to encrypt ADX files in a similar fashion as XDF files
  • Added ability for ADX Macro node breaks to cause the macro to not only stop running, but also fail (this is valuable for complex connection macros)
  • Major optimization to ADX/XDF calculation code
  • Fixed report of emulator upload success when upload actually failed
  • When the last opened bin has failed to be open when TunerPro starts, that bin is now removed from the most-recently-used list
  • Fixed issue where emulation UI wasn't disabled after releasing emulation hardware via menu
  • Fixed issue in tables where compare data may be incorrect
  • Fixed graphing issue when table output is set to hex
  • Fixed issue during import of XDF format 0.5 to format 1.2, where internal axis index size was incorrectly set if the original XDF had a size of 16 bits
  • Fixed issue in plug-in framework. I forgot to add virtual destructors to interfaces. Shame on me! For shame!
  • Fixed issue in bin stacker/splitter that resulted in both "Stack" and "Split" being selected initially.

5.00.5746.00 (BETA) (3/22/10)

  • When viewing a table in compare mode, the table modify toolbar is now disabled (you can't edit in compare mode at the moment - maybe in the future)
  • Renamed Item Summary List to Parameter Summary List
  • By request, when closing an editor with the cancel button, if there are uncommitted changes, you are no longer prompted to save the changes. This only occurs if the 'X' in the system menu is selected.
  • Plug-in info (help menu) now populates plug-in data
  • Setup now cleans up vcredist junk at root of system drive
  • Fixed issue where AutoProm A/D inputs were not being logged to file
  • Fixed issue with dual-emulator support. Now it works properly.
  • Fixed potential stability issues in the parameter summary list
  • Fixed issue with stepping where global bin offset wasn't taken into account in some situations
  • Fixed crash when browsing for history table output object, but not selecting one and pressing "OK"
  • Fixed issue where emulation audible notification preference wasn't being saved
  • Fixed some silly minor memory leaks (thanks _CrtSetDbgFlag!)
  • Fixed issue where XDF parameters with the same name caused issues when parameter editors were open for both.
  • Fixed issue where typing in compare bin paths wasn't showing active compare title in title bar
  • Fixed issue when resizing a table in the XDF item properties while table is open in editor, where new cells show invalid data (table had to be closed and re-opened)
  • Fixed issue where incrementing in table editor wasn't respecting non-committed cell changes

5.00.5197.00 (BETA) (2/2/10)

  • 3D Graphs persist rotation/translation/zoom state when the graph is closed and re-opened, or if you bounce between graphing different object. This persists only as long as the table editor itself remains open. Once the editor is closed, the graph state is reset. To reset state manually without closing the table editor, use View->Rest Perspective in the graph window menu.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to a table before swapping to compare mode were improperly saved (in fact, currupted) if you elected to save while closing the editor while in compare mode
  • A few minior fixes (and clarifying messages) to the notification system that updates parameter editors when parameter properties are changed via the XDF item editor
  • Fixed issue where scalar editor slider wasn't being initialized correctly when you first open the scalar editor if the scalar address was out of range without taking into account the base offset
  • Fixed crash during change log writing when scalar address was out of range when the base offset wasn't taken into account
  • Fixed issue where, when graphing a table and switching to compare mode in the table editor, the graph wasn't updated
  • Fixed issue where 2D table charts weren't being updated immediately when Auto Range was toggled (3D tables were being updated immediately)
  • Fixed issue where, if you don't choose to load last XDF at startup, the title bar still shows the last XDF at startup, even though the XDF wasn't loaded

5.00.5150.00 (BETA) (1/26/10)

  • The Data Acquisition (utility) tab container can now float. See the View menu. By popular demand!
  • "Constants" in the XDF are now more appropriately called "Scalars." Constant was a misnomer, and scalar is a more accurate term.
  • "XDF Items" are now called "Parameters"
  • Broke out emulation funcitonality into "plug-ins" so that hardware vendors can write their own code to make their hardware work with TunerPro. Contact me for details if you're interested. Work is not finalized yet.
  • Began the process of breaking out data acquisition into plugins as well, so more complex cable, interface, and vehicle support can be added by the development community. This work isn't yet complete.
  • ADX History Table (histogram) table axes can now be manually defined (to match XDF tables, for instance)
  • When changing/editing XDF item properties (e.g. via F2), if the corresponding editor is open in the workspace, it will be updated with your changes
  • Added the ability to encrypt definitions, and password protect their use and the abilty to edit them. This enables more people to release definitions that may contain information that they don't want to give away, but still want people to be able to use the definitions. Definition creators, please prefer to NOT use this feature. I add it with great hesitiation, and only due to common request.
  • Fixed (or added, really) the custom log playback speed prompt, finally
  • Fixed issue where negative address steps couldn't be entered in XDF table definition for internal pure axes
  • Fixed issue where items assigned to categories that weren't named were disappearing when viewing the tree in category mode
  • Fixed issue in table editor emulator upload code. Affects tables with index sizes > 16 bit (!). Resulted in incorrect data being uploaded to the emulator in errant locations (!).
  • Fixed issue in ADX Editor where I inadvertently removed the ability to have a static packet aligned to a header (used by TechEdge stream, as an example). As a result, I added "align to header" check box in listen packet command.

5.00.4532.00 (BETA) (10/28/09)

  • Added new "Custom Tools" feature to preferences and Tools menu. You can use this feature to add menu items to launch other applications, and pass in useful command line parameters to them, including the currently loaded bin path.
  • Fixed issue with file association (file associations were incorrectly passed to TunerPro and therefore incorrectly registered)

5.00.4331.00 (BETA) (10/12/09)

  • Added ability to jump forward and backward 1 sample via menu/shortcuts via Shift + ] and Shift + [
  • When seeking in a paused log, the last packet's data is now displayed in the dashes/lists, etc.
  • Added prompt when a requested compare bin fails to load
  • Fixed issue where seeking forward 10 samples (via keyboard/menu) only seeked 1 sample
  • Fixed crash/lock when multi-selecting with shift pressed and mouse dragging in table editor
  • Fixed crash when opening ill-defined table with 0 rows and/or 0 cols
  • Fixed issue where XDF conversion editor wasn't being initialized correctly, and wasn't showing the first variable's data
  • Fixed issue where table row/col axis conversion editor wasn't being populated correctly
  • Fixed issue where, if "populate by column" is selected in the XDF table definition editor, the definition editor wasn't displaying the option correctly
  • Fixed issue where ADS values that used lookup tables weren't being imported to ADX correctly
  • Fixed issue where Internet update check was failing to download the necessary information
  • Fixed issue where normalized axis indexes weren't being rounded to nearest integer (it only makes sense for an index to be a whole number)

5.00.4203.00 (BETA) (10/1/09)

  • Fixed crash when undersized bin is opened and constant that lives out of bounds is opened in constant editor. There are likely more like this to fix.
  • New: When uploading an entire bin to emulation RAM, bin checksums are recalculated as defined in the XDF

5.00.4150.00 (alpha) (9/07/09)

  • Fixed issue in constant editor where pulling slider to far right always outputs zero
  • Fixed issue where "show raw hex" in constant editor isn't respected when dragging the slider
  • Fixed issue where flags that show up in the difference tool may not be properly highlighted in the item tree when selected in the difference tool

5.00.4137.00 (alpha) (8/26/09)

  • When editing a table with another table defined as an alias (i.e. two tables editing the same address space), updating one will update the other. If the other has been edited but not committed, the user is prompted.
  • Fixed issue where ADX Value unit strings weren't being correctly XML escaped
  • Fixed issue where axis units were not copied when inserting an XDF Table item copy
  • Fixed XDF Table Editor row axis value table issue where you couldn't click in a cell to edit it
  • Improved XDF parser failure messaging, including readable error message when attempting to open an XDF that was created with a newer version of TunerPro
  • Changed focus behavior of tree tab and utility tab frame. Their title bar focus state now follows the main app window (when the app is deactivated, so are the tab containers, and vise-versa).
  • Fixed issue where switching to table compare mode while graph is showing causes graph toolbar to disappear

5.00.4035.00 (alpha) (7/17/09)

  • Beginning of help file updates (I loathe writing documentation. Can you tell?)
  • Changed next/previous editor default keyboard shortcuts ('.' wasn't a good choice - decimal point!)
  • Added more unit types
  • Fixed issue where monitors couldn't be scrolled by clicking scroll arrows or paged by clicking scroll bar page area
  • Fixed issue where going into full screen with DA List view (via double click of tab title bar) created a task bar app window button that didn't go away (note to self: dlg had child style when it should have had popup)
  • Fixed issue where, when item summary list is open and item selection tracking is enabled, summary list and XDF item tree selection tracking would be annoyingly erratic
  • Fixed issue where DA item list had transparent are at top of window when in full screen mode
  • Fixed/changed "show items lists" button in the view toolbar to reference the XDF Item Tree and show it instead. Removed checked (toggle) property of button.
  • Removed "Render 3D Graph to Offscreen DC" option from general preferences. It was rarely used and was only relevant for ancient PCs/laptops that really had no power. That lowest common denominator is raised in v5.
  • Fixed issue in table/function XDF item editors that prevented descriptions from being cleared entirely.

5.00.4000.00 (alpha) (7/3/09)

  • Added current values at cursor in DA monitors. First pass, needs refinement. For you, Bob.
  • Added ability to click in DA monitor to change cursor location and query monitor series at that location. This does not seek in the log (best to do it while paused/stopped). First pass, needs refinement. Oh, you can click and drag the mouse too.
  • Added address tracing status in table editor status bar. "Waiting" means tracing is active, but TP is waiting for a hit. "Tracing" means a hit was received and the UI has been updated. "ERROR!" means that the request for trace data has failed (hardware issue, etc). First pass, needs refinement. I'll make it use pretty colors or something in the future.
  • Added "Open Next Bin Editor" and "Open Previous Bin Editor" to the XDF menu (with default keyboard accelerators ',' and '.' respectively). Opens the next/previous XDF item bin editor in the current tree view configuration. Try it! Pretty handy.
  • Fixed the tracing issue (hopefully) that resulted in trace failing (quite quickly for some). Please let me know if you continue to see this issue!
  • Fixed issue where opening monitors while connected via data acquisition with a log loaded, trend lines are not shown
  • Fixed issue where pasting into a table/function editor doesn't mark the table/function as changed, and doesn't update graph
  • Fixed issue where graph window summary (displaying current selection information) wasn't displaying the correct row data

5.00.3906.00 (alpha) (6/27/09)

  • Fixed issue where plain ascii keyboard shortcuts (such as space bar) keep those shortcuts from being typable in XDF editor and find item window (e.g. you can't type space in an XDF item title if you used space bar as a keyboard shortcut)
  • Enabled explicit DA item linking for XDF objects (constants/tables). Parity item with v4.

5.00.3863.00 (alpha) (6/25/09)

  • Added customizable keyboard shortcuts via a new preferences tab (more work than I thought it'd be!)
  • Exposed the ability to edit the needle arc start and end location for analog ADX gauges (0 degrees is straight down)
  • Fixed issue where address hit tracing only worked when emulating from bank 0 of the Ostrich 2. You can now trace from any of the 64KB banks.
  • Fixed crash when loading an ADX while a bin editor is open with DA tracing enabled
  • Changed status bar color representing "recording" to green
  • Fixed issue (again!) where space bar doesn't work in editors. This is because space was being used as a keyboard accelerator(!)
  • Fixed issue where toggling compare mode in table editor causes the editor window to be resized unexpectedly
  • Made difference compare mode work in function editor
  • Fixed issue where toggling between showing compare data in the function editor caused the editor window to resize unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue where scaled and normalized table axes weren't working correctly with data tracing
  • Settings, temp log files, etc, are now saved in "My Documents\TunerPro Files\" alongside the rest of the editable TunerPro files (definitions and whatnot)

5.00.3609.00 (alpha) (6/4/09)

  • Fixed issue where compare bin data wasn't properly shown in constant editor when "view raw hex" was toggled
  • Fixed crash when opening the function editor for a function with 0 points
  • Fixed issue where pause DA log playback keyboard shortcut (space) didn't work
  • Breaking Change: Changed the way ADXSendCommand checksums are stored in the ADX file. Your send-command checksum settings are probably no longer valid and must be changed. If you weren't using checksums, make sure your send commands have checksum set to "None," otherwise set them to the correct type. This should be a quick and easy manual fix. Sorry!
  • Implemented AutoProm passthrough mode for data acquisition (both 8192 and 160 baud GM apps). This is the last major v4 parity feature for v5. This means that v4 users who simultaneously datalog and emulate on the same port using an APU1 can now do the same at least as well in v5, and probably better.
  • Changed "Setup Compare Bins..." menu item to "Load Compare Bins..." to make it clear that this must be done in order to have compare bins loaded into memory
  • Added both hex and decimal editing of offsets in ADX editor

5.00.3563.00 (alpha) (5/28/09)

  • Fixed issue where linked variables in XDF conversion equations weren't being correctly loaded from file (example: 6E MAF tables weren't being correctly converted)
  • Fixed issue with XDF conversion tab in XDF item editors (values, tables, functions, axes) where changing variable type always reverted to native (breaking links)
  • Fixed yet another ADX lookup table issue: when editing a lookup table and saving, the output type is lost
  • Fixed issue where, when adding an existing lookup table entry, there were two entries shown for the same input value when the existing entry was actually replaced in the table
  • Re-added Hex as an ADX lookup table input type (to avoid needing to do hex-to-int conversion manually)
  • Added ADX lookup table entry validation when adding a new lookup entry
  • Added feature where changing lookup table input/output type between hex/int/float will automatically convert data for you. Changing from hex/int/float to string converts too, but converting from string to hex/int/float will lose the values (as the conversion may not be valid)
  • Changed data tracing bubble to be solid (rather than oval outline) for better visibility

5.00.3517.00 (alpha) (5/27/09)

  • Fixed issue where importing an ADS to ADX and not changing the name resulted in the ADS being overwritten
  • Fixed issues with lookup table inputs/outputs being incorrectly displayed everywhere they're used, including the ADX editor and in the dash/lists/etc (Note: if your lookup table use "string" as the output type, you may need to re-set the output type back to string)
  • Fixed issue where, if last ADX failed to load at app startup, the recent DA definition MRU list would fail to be populated

5.00.3503.00 (alpha) (5/25/09)

  • Fixed issue where lower utility tab (item summary, dashboard, etc) height wasn't being persisted
  • Fixed issue where, when adding an entry to an ADX lookup table, the new entry wasn't scrolled into view
  • Fixed a couple of issues when changing the size in bits of an XDF Flag in the XDFFlag editor
  • Added error message if temporary DA log file couldn't be created
  • Changed location of temporary log file to OS-safe location (AppData)
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't replace an existing log file (issue existed for Win9x compat, but Win9x is no longer supported, so...)
  • Added table column auto-width. If the data won't fit in the current column width (e.g. 32-bit hex data), the column width will be expanded to show all data
  • Fixed issue where selecting "View Raw Hex" in constant editor context menu didn't work
  • Fixed issue where 16-bit constant, table, and function weren't being stepped properly
  • Fixed issue where function edits while emulating weren't being uploaded correctly if more than 10 cells were edited between updates. This resulting in the function becoming corrupt in memory on the emulator.
  • Fixed some "insert XDF item copy" issues (which were in underlying assignment operator overload code, so it could have fixed problems elsewhere too)
  • Fixed issue where clearing the ADX Listen-Packet header or footer string didn't clear the strings after saving

5.00.3438.00 (alpha) (5/14/09)

  • Fixed issue where "Use Low Range" was always set in an XDF table
  • Fixed issue when bouncing between raw hex and calculated when edits are made to multiple table item editors
  • When changing XDFFlag size (bits), the bit number combo box is now updated to reflect the new bit count
  • Fixed issue where Data Acq. Tracing state wasn't synchronized between the toolbar and acquisition menu
  • Added available and export item counts in XDL log exporter
  • Fixed issue where, when exporting a log, if an item title or unit string contains the delimiting character, the export was wonky. Now, if the title or unit string contains the delimiting character (e.g. ','), it is replaced with '-' on export

5.00.3406.00 (alpha) (4/26/09)

  • Fixed issue where clicking outside of grid (i.e. in the gray area) in table editor still selected cells
  • Fixed another issue with text export of bin data and table y-axis labels
  • Fixed issue where XDF Flag source data size (e.g. 8, 16, 32 bit) was not being persisted correctly
  • Fixed XDF flag editor tab order
  • Added more tooltips to XDF table (definition) editor. Still more to do.

5.00.3378.00 (alpha) (4/25/09)

  • Fixed issue where changing between raw hex and calculated values with more than one table or constant editor locked TunerPro and eventually caused a crash (infinite loop)
  • Fixed issue where units were being duplicated when exporting bin data to text file (file menu)
  • Fixed issue where table data was incorrect in text export of bin data
  • Fixed issue where internally defined or linked table axes weren't being properly outputted in text export of bin data
  • Functions are now outputted in text export of bin data

5.00.3340.00 (alpha) (4/24/09)

  • More efficient linked item variable use in ADX and XDF
  • When using linked output from an ADX item that uses a lookup table, the link calculation is post-lookup table now. Before it would return the raw data pre-lookup.
  • Fixed issue where exported log data was completely incorrect
  • Fixed issue where log exporter was keeping log file locked, keeping you from being able to play back the log in the main UI after an export was performed
  • Fixed "save-as" file type drop-list text in log export window
  • Fixed erratic data issue in XDL export if multiple commands are used. Items not part of the current response will show data from the last valid command that pertained to those items.
  • Fixed issue where digital dash gauge normal color was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where double clicking an item in the item finder or difference tool failed to open item editor if the item tree wasn't showing
  • Fixed issue where ADXValue equation strings weren't XML escaped, causing operators such as '&' to break the parser

5.00.3324.00 (alpha) (4/22/09)

  • When recording is stopped, scanning continues in the background. The DA state in the status bar now correctly reflects this.
  • XDL export window now alphabetizes exportable ADX items. Removing items from the export list puts them back in the exportable list in alphabetical order
  • Added move up and move down buttons to the XDL export window for easier order arrangement

5.00.3311.00 (alpha) (4/21/09)

  • When loading an ADX (including after editing the current ADX), scanning and logging is first stopped to ensure the current/previous ADX are not in-use by the scanning engine
  • Swapping between raw hex and calculated values in table/function editors is now much cleaner
  • When selecting the log to export in the XDL->CSV exporter, you're no longer prompted for overwrite (was a savefile, now it's openfile, as it should be)
  • Fixed issues in XML writer that prevented invalid characters such as '°' from being persisted in a legal way, and therefore broke the XML parser (XDF, ADX)
  • Set proper ADX description string length limitation in edit control (1024 characters)
  • Increased the description text length displayed in the ADX editor tree tooltip (1024 characters)
  • Fixed crash when doing anything that affects all editors, such as "Window->Close All" or open an XDF while any editor is open in the workspace

5.00.3285.00 (alpha) (4/18/09)

  • Fixed a crash when editing an ADS containing a value set to use a lookup table, but with no lookup table selected

5.00.3273.00 (alpha) (4/17/09)

  • Fixed crash when adding ADX items to a root node, and a couple of other related crashes

5.00.3250.00 (alpha) (4/16/09)

  • Fixed issue where 3D graph axis labels were incorrect
  • Improved the 160 baud acquisition routine. Past versions of TunerPro have been plagued with data syncronization issues with 160 baud packets. This should now be fixed for good. (finally got around to testing 160 baud. Have I mentioned lately how useless 160 baud is for tuning?)
  • Fixed issue where 160 baud packet data wasn't being displayed in the UI

5.00.3240.00 (alpha) (4/15/09)

  • Fixed Translator Pro support (use "Shared Port")
  • Added (changed) shared port interface type/name (used for Quarterhorse, MAFTPro, etc)
  • Changed DA interface COM port to combo box, made it so it populates only with COM ports valid for the system

5.00.3230.00 (alpha) (4/14/09)

  • Fixed issue where ADX bitmasks editor did not list commands for association
  • Fixed issue where bitmask state wasn't being properly displayed in item list when multiple packets were used
  • ADXValue conversion equation now defaults to 'X'
  • Resizing the ADX editor now resizes the tree view
  • When only one tab is open (in any tabbed view), the tabs aren't shown. When added a second tab, the tabs are shown
  • XDF item treeview no longer displays empty parent nodes. For instance, if your XDF has no flags, then the flags node is not displayed.

5.00.3166.00 (alpha) (4/7/09)

  • Added new -file switch, allowing you to specify a file to launch (XDF, ADX, etc). You can use this to set up multiple shortcuts on, say, your desktop, that will launch different XDF, BIN, and ADX files for different configurations that you commonly tune. For example, one shortcut with the following:
    • -file "c:\tunerpro configs\MyCar.adx" -file "c:\tunerpro configs\MyCar.xdf"
  • And another with
    • -file "c:\tunerpro configs\OtherCar.adx" -file "c:\tunerpro configs\OtherCar.xdf"
  • Fixed issue where address variable wasn't being correctly imported from v4 definition
  • Fixed issue where address variables weren't correctly being resolved
  • ADXValue unit and data type combos are sorted
  • Added Dashboard background color and editor button
  • Enabling table address tracing in one table disables it in other tables, as is required

5.00.3128.00 (alpha) (4/2/09)

  • Dashboard gauge colors are now fully customizeable

5.00.3063.00 (alpha) (3/30/09)

  • Added complete ADX Monitor editor functionality (there are issues with the color buttons in the editor, I know)

5.00.2974.00 (alpha) (3/29/09)

  • Fixed issue with registration in V5. (Yes, v4 will continue to work with the new registration)
  • Fixed issue where v4 definitions that had escapeable characters in the XDF header were failing to reload in v5 after re-saving
  • Fixed issue where original value in change log entry for constants was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where stepping (+/-) in table editor while graph is showing resulted in the wrong points in the graph moving
  • Fixed crash when selecting "OK" without selecting anything while associating DA itesm in the XDF editor
  • Fixed issue where table axes weren't being updated with compare data when in compare mode and the axes were linked to other functions or tables

5.00.2967.00 (alpha) (3/28/09) - New registration key required for this build

  • Fixed issue where compare mode in table editor did not display compare bin name in grid title bar
  • Fixed issue where function graphs weren't properly displaying the compare bin's data in the graph
  • Fixed issue where 2D table compare bin line was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where table editor stepping (+/-) wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where function editor stepping (+/-) wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where Item XDF details couldn't be edited from summary list if item tree was closed

5.00.2895.00 (alpha) (3/27/09)

  • Fixed issue where compare mode in function editor wasn't working
  • Fixed issue with one of the definition importers
  • Added tooltips to ADX item list in the ADX Editor
  • (Re-)added AutoProm A/D tool (using new ADX format), with a lot of related bug fixes
  • (Internal) Added ability to lock ADX editor add/delete and save/save-as

5.00.2847.00 (alpha) (3/26/09)

  • Added Quarterhorse logging support w/ simultaneous emulation (use "Moates Passthrough" as the interface type in preferences). This also paves the way for new and improved AutoProm passthrough mode, as well as Demon and other Moates products.
  • Fixed issue where categories weren't being imported or persisted properly
  • Changed category tree view. Now if an item has either category set, it will not show up in "uncategorized."
  • Added ability to checksum SendCommands in the ADX def, with basic checksum types
  • Began cleanup for Free version (build target). It compiles now with no RT dependencies.
  • Fixed random bugs

5.00.2786.00 (alpha) (3/22/09)

  • Fixed issue where bin size wasn't being imported or saved propertly in XDF header.
  • Fixed issue where item summary slider was neither saving changes nor being initialized to the correct value.

5.00.2779.00 (alpha) (3/21/09)

  • Fixed issue where improper compare data was shown in constant and funciton editors in compare mode, and for internal axes in table editors.
  • Fixed improper import of function categories from v4.x XDF
  • Fixed XDF function editor category initialization order
  • Added more tooltips to ADX and XDF editors

5.00.2756.00 (alpha) (3/20/09)

  • Finished implementing ADX and XDL file type associations
  • Fixed issue where launching TunerPro-registered files fails to open the files in TunerPro (gave error about unsupported or unknown file type)
  • Fixed issue with raw hex value being incorrect in summary view when base offset was not zero
  • Started adding tooltips to ADX editor (ongoing). Hover the mouse over a control to see its description.
  • Started adding tooltips to XDF editor (ongoing). Hover the mouse over a control to see its description.
  • Changed main status bar to show table dimensions when a table is selected.

5.00.2700.00 (alpha) (3/19/09)

  • Fixed graphing issue when 3D tables have the same cell value throughout
  • Part-way through adding XDL and ADX to file association option

5.00.2660.00 (alpha) (3/18/09)

  • Fixed issue that may have corrupted your XDF when you saved the XDF. Sorry!
  • Added XDF item defaults. New XDF items use these defaults. Great for ECUs that are always 16-bit, LSB first, etc. Defaults are stored and therefore distributed in the XDF.

5.00.2640.00 (alpha) (3/17/09)

  • Fixed issue where emulator may not be found if connected and initialized after the app starts
  • Fixed issue where UI locks up at very high data acuisition frame rates (many hundreds of data frames per second)
  • Added ability to release current hardware (useful if you want to allow the hardware to be used by another app)

5.00.2552.00 (alpha) (3/15/09)

  • Fixed issue with a particular XDF importer and one of the ADX importers
  • Fixed issue where 32-bit items weren't being byteswapped correctly
  • Fixed issue where function editor toolbar tooltips weren't showing up

5.00.2489.00 (alpha) (3/14/09)

  • Added basic Moates Quarterhorse emulation support
  • Added multi-instance support (launch TP with "-multiinstance" as a cmd line param)
  • Fixed axis flag parsing issue (LSB first, signed, etc) that broke most Ford definitions
  • Fixed issue with 2D table graph point order and made selection order respect row/col reversal
  • Fixed issue where 2D table cell changes weren't updating on the graph correctly
  • Untied emulation verification from XDF-specified bin size so no it is possible to upload a bin and verify it without having an XDF loaded, or while an improper XDF is loaded

5.00.2413.00 (alpha) (3/12/09)

  • Added 2D table linking to table axes. This allows you to define a 2D table representing your internal axis values, and link that 2D table to an axis of another table. This is common in Bosch/Siemens ECUs, as an example. Most of you who use "Pure Internal" axis definitions can benefit from this
  • Added linked object update notification system. If your table axis uses another object for its data (e.g. scaled/normalized), updating the linked object will trigger an update of the dependent table.
  • Added new splash screen. (Take 1!)
  • Function editor now respects row/col reversal settings

Older builds:

  • Added item tree, removed item lists
  • Added ability to sort item tree by item type or category (more sort options in the future)
  • Added dual emulator support for 16-bit users using two 8-bit emulators
  • Added new scanning (data acquisition) engine (ScannerPro), with new extensible definition format (ADX). Many new features there.
  • Added new data acquisition visualizations, including new dashboard, monitors, histograms, and lists, all user-defineable. Much more coming.
  • Added Ostrich 2.0 and Romulator address hit tracing as a global tool, and in the table editors (Ostrich 2.0 only, currently).
  • New XDF file format (XML based)
  • Table editors can now be resized as desired.
  • Table editors now have toolbars instead of clunky buttons. Toolbars expose some new functionality.
  • Table editor and graph window now have status bars
  • Added ability to plot multiple charts (compare charts) in 2D and 3D graphs. 3D graphs must be in wireframe mode.
  • Much, much more

Version 4

v4.14.0381 (3/16/08)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Fixed Internet update server connection issue
  • Fixed issue with Function item editor, where axis limits weren't being stored correctly

v4.14.0379 (11/09/07)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Fixed crash in table editor under relatively common circumstances
  • Fixed Window menu tracking (windows weren't being removed from the list on destruction)

v4.14.0371 (10/22/07)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Fixed bug in Download RAM to file - now saves to correct file path when inputted by hand
  • Fixed bug in Download RAM to file - when complete, it no longer stalls on "Writing to file..."
  • Fixed rendering bug in 3D graph when table axes are defined from high to low
  • Slightly optimized table (grid control) rendering
  • Fixed issue with ALDL cable detection in ALDL/Emu preferences tab
  • Fixed a download/verify issue with MAF Translator Pro

v4.14.0365 (9/21/07)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Full support for Moates RoadRunner, for those who can make use

v4.14.0362 (8/29/07)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Fixed a crashing issue when importing certain definitions
  • Fixed bank switching problem with Ostrich/Ostrich 2.0
  • Fixed Roadrunner encryption routine (more work to be done there, though)

v4.14.0323 (6/17/07)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Lots and lots of little stuff, some crashing bugs, bunch of stuff I don't remember (been a long time since last release)
  • Added indication in each item editor that data has changed
  • Added warning when closing an item editor if changes have been made but not committed
  • Fixed a copy/paste bug with tables
  • Fixed lots of issues with large binary support (Moates Ostrich)
  • Fixed issue where COM ports above 9 weren't working w/ harware
  • Added ability to import Motorola S records as binaries

v4.14.0030 (9/27/06)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Fixed issue where emulation with a base offset in the XDF header wasn't working (thanks Clint!)

v4.14.0024 (8/25/06)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Fixed issue where bin data wasn't being saved when expected
  • Fixed issue where PROM erase was returning failure, even though it succeeded
  • Fixed issue where item links are broken when items are rearranged in the lists
  • Fixed issue where 3D data viewer slider isn't updated when new address is entered
  • Fixed crash when pausing and unpausing log playback in certain situations
  • Lots of minor fixes, too long ago to remember the details

v4.13.0400 (2/23/06)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Added audible feedback for emu update, umu upload, emu download, emu verify, and hardware connect (On/Off in preferences, change in sounds directory)
  • Fixed issue with datastream connection using devices with integrated emulation and datalogging (AutoProm & Translator Pro)
  • Fixed delay when updating emulator

v4.13.0366 (2/12/06)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Added source definition information to bin file text export ("print to file")
  • Added ability to search on description field (Item Finder/Ctrl + F)
  • Added/Confirmed compatibility with Bluetooth devices
  • Fixed issue where 2D graphs didn't set up correctly with internally defined table axes
  • Fixed issue where 2D graphs weren't respecting significant digit count
  • Fixed issue where pure internal Y axis definition was using the X axis LSB setting
  • Fixed issue where change logging wasn't logging table changes
  • Fixed issue where change logging was logging incorrect original value in constants
  • Fixed issue where saving constants corrupted first bytes in a bin
  • Fixed issue where saving functions corrupted the first bytes in a bin
  • Fixed the difference tool to correctly account for functions (previously showed up as "not defined")
  • Fixed issue where XDF Y axis embed type wasn't being saved correctly
  • Fixed issue where modified tables weren't always being uploaded to the emulator
  • Fixed issue where 3D graph summary didn't display axis labels when internally defined

v4.13.0183 (1/14/06)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • Added 3D chart axis unit labels
  • Added internal and normalizer-linked table axis label types (Ford/Honda)
  • Added 16 and 32-bit source data option for checksum calculation
  • Added "Insert Copy" ability to XDF Item editing (Ctrl + I) - makes for more rapid XDF creation
  • Added item list "active" highlight option (default: ON) - active parameter being edited is highlighted in item list.
  • Added 3D data visualizer for quickly identifying unknown tables and other data points in a bin (Advanced menu)
  • Fixed issue where 16 bit MSB first values/tables that output raw hex weren't being saved in the correct endianness
  • Fixed issue where Y axis of functions were not being saved at all (!)
  • Fixed issue where X axis of functions were being saved incorrectly (and Y, had it been saved) (!)
  • Fixed issue where signed tables were not outputting signed data
  • Fixed issue with Function object editor - X/Y combo box changes do not allow OK/Apply
  • Fixed issue with Function output when exporting bin data to a text file
  • Fixed silent crash while sorting the hex output column of the item summary list
  • Fixed issue with function item description 100 character limit
  • Fixed issue with XDF header description field - a character was chopped off each time the XDF was saved
  • Fixed a number of crashing issues

v4.12.1751 (12/04/05)

TunerPro Free

  • Constant editor copy from compare fixed
  • Added 3D chart viewport "memory". 3D chart views are not reset when you close the chart until you close corresponding table editor.
  • Added 2's compliment checksum calculation for EECIV/EEC5
  • Fixed issue for the case where checksum store sits in the calculation range (also EECIV/EEC5)
  • Fixed issue where LSB first setting for a checksum entry wasn't being saved correctly (affected calculation)
  • Fixed issue where adding a brand new table opened the function editor instead of the table editor

TunerPro RT

  • Chip erasure fixed
  • Fixed 160 baud AutoProm logging bug that prevented data from being recorded

v4.12.1709 (11/27/05)

TunerPro Free

  • Brand new 2D graphing control with the following features:
    • No more aspect ratio distortion or strange resize zoom
    • Auto-Range (in preferences)
    • Ford-type function graphing (drag X and Y axes)
    • Multi-selection (Ctrl + Click or mouse drag)
    • True axis valuation (negative numbers show to-left or below Y and X axes respectively)
    • Z Axis auto-labeling based on window size
  • Brand new 3D graphing control with the following features:
    • Surface shading (wireframe mode still available in preferences)
    • No more aspect ratio distortion or strange resize zoom
    • Auto-Range (in preferences)
    • Multi-selection (Ctrl + Click or mouse drag)
    • Axis labels (All axes)
    • Linear zoom based on window size
    • Z Axis auto-label based on window size
    • Axis label auto-hide based on axis length for readability
  • 3D Table smoothing (in Table Editor Toolbox) - specify a modifier of 0.0 - 0.99, select a region at least 3 x 3, and hit Execute!
  • Visibility Levels and Categories for items (set for each item). Items shown based on globally selected visibility range and category combinations

TunerPro RT

  • ALDL Data Tracing
    • Link an XDF to an ADS
    • Link XDF Items to ADS Items
    • Playback Log or actively monitor ALDL stream and see visual feedback on where the engine is running in a constant or table.
  • Fixed issue with ALDL cable test
  • Smart hardware detection - checks the last port known to have hardware detected first
  • Fixes simultaneous 160 baud datalogging and emulation for AutoProm users (requires AutoProm firmware v2.13.A)

v4.00.3554 (6/17/05)

  • Minor changes and crash fixes in grid control (table editor, XDF editor, etc)
  • Fixed crash when editing a table XDF item and setting rows or cols to 0
  • Added ability to select row or col by clicking in header cell
  • Fixed a couple of crashes resulting in poor buffer management
  • Increased item comments field to 1024 characters
  • Fixed crash when multiple tables are open and saved in sequence
  • Fixed 160 baud datalogging
  • Fixed issue with table axis values being saved incorrectly (re-import your XDF)
  • Fixed issue with ADS dump string being displayed (and saved) incorrectly
  • Fixed a few other random issues similar to the issue above related to strsafe
  • Added table editor colored cells based on value. This is a "beta" feature and will improve! Right-click in the table to enable.
  • Added table editor change tracking - edited cells display red text
  • Added ability to "move" a selection range in a table by holding shift + ctrl and using arrow keys
  • Optimized and VASTLY improved the table editor drawing and underlying data routines (prelim)
  • Optimized and improved table save speed - only changed cells are updated in memory
  • Fixed issue where closing a graph would nullify changes made to the open table
  • Fixed stability issues (writing data into never-never-land)
  • Fixed major problem with emulation and updating entire tables (>10 cells edited)!
  • Fixed issue with ALDL connect button being grayed permanantly in 160 baud mode
  • Fixed inability to enter 'a', 'c', or 'v' in tables
  • Added granular point shading to the 3D graphs (previously used a lookup table)
  • Limited field inputs in ADS editor
  • Fixed broken record button
  • Fixed issue with new ALDL lookup tables not being displayed in value editor
  • Fixed issue with edited ADS not being re-enumerated in the main workspace

v4.00.2601 (4/17/05)

TunerPro Free

  • Far too many new features to mention here

TunerPro RT

  • Way too many features to list here, too. Download it and find them for yourself!

v3.10b (12/23/04)

TunerPro Free

Latest available is 3.09

TunerPro RT

  • Increased the hardware initialization timeout. This is required by Romulators with the latest firmware.

v3.10 (11/2/04)

TunerPro Free

Latest available is 3.09

TunerPro RT

  • Added Craig Moates Ostrich emulator support
  • Fixed issue where verifying emu agaist current bin always failed during new application session (without upload)
  • Fixed crash when scrolling the item summary list horizontally when no ECU is loaded
  • Added the ability to communicate on comm ports 6-8.

v3.09 (6/9/04)

TunerPro Free

No Significant changes

TunerPro RT

  • Fixed crash when associating a ALDL value with a table when the table does not exist

v3.08 (6/6/04)

TunerPro Free

  • Improved status bar information (offset, accurate equation, etc)
  • Cosmetic imrovements - browse buttons are integrated into corresponding path windows
  • Fixed issue in bin stacker where if a browse cell was already selected, clicking the same cell would not bring up the browse window.

    TunerPro RT

  • Added the ability to export an ALDL Data Logging session to a comma separated value file (.csv)
  • Added the ability to edit the chip buffer in the AutoProm PROM I/O window. Makes it easier to make quick changes.
  • Added text to the Chip I/O progress bar indicating what address is currently being read/written.
  • "Re-Added" high-speed for USB devices. This got taken out accidentally! Sorry if you wondered why your device was slow.
  • Fixed issue with ALDL Lookup Table editor where you could not add indices to the table. Yikes!
  • Fixed crash related to a filled Lookup table.
  • Fixed issue with title/data alignment in value and bit tabs of the ALDL comm tool

v3.07 (5/09/04)

TunerPro Free

  • Completely new and feature-rich Hex editor, with a "professional" editor interface. Items corresponding to the current cursor position in the Hex editor are highlighted in the item lists (including summary lists). Bytes can be viewed as Hex, Octal, Decimal, or Binary. Offsets (addresses) can be viewed in Hex or Decimal. The editor can be fit to the window (to do away with the horizontal scroll bar). Unlimited undo history. And more! Enjoy!
  • Added an adjustment slider in the Item Summary List when a constant or flag is selected. This makes it much easier to use the summary list as your main editing window.
  • Extended the opening splash screen to show the full version number and info on operations being performed (in RT with hardware detection, for instance)
  • Fixed issue where closing 3D chart did not close corresponding 3D graph if there was more than one graph window open. This was also a potential crash if the user were to drag a node in the graph when the corresponding chart was closed. No longer an issue.
  • Now graphs are only updated if the chart that is changed and the graph that is showing match. This fixes a few issues.
  • Fixed 3D graph watermark. 3D graphs now display the TunerPro version watermark like 2D graphs do.
  • Made main and summary lists appear active (before they appeared inactive)
  • Fixed "Website" menu item in the help menu. It now launches the web site as it should.
  • Fixed some issues with open recent bin and open recent ECU (including no verification for saving modified bin/ECU).

    TunerPro RT

  • Completely changed the internal datastructure of .ads files. No user impact (you should notice no change). If you find bugs, let me know. This was a major undertaking and is in preparation for a large number of upcoming features (in version 4.0).
  • Added the ability to create lookup tables in Datastream Defs. This is most useful for defining such things as the Manifold Air Temp tables. The included 6E and $8D definition have examples.
  • The emulation toolbox was greatly simplified (with hardware auto-detect). Progress bar and operation status is now found in the main TunerPro status bar.
  • Added auto emulation update (when emulating and the option is enabled) when the mouse is released after sliding the slider in the constant editor or item summary list (another new feature!). This also occurs when a point on a graph is released.
  • Added improved support for AutoProm USB features, including high speed operation (4X that of the serial AutoProm).
  • Added "cancel operation" to Prom I/O tool. Reads/writes/verification can be cancelled in the middle of the operation.
  • Added hardware auto-detect. If selected, hardware (Romulator, AutoProm Serial, AutoProm USB, Flash & Burn) is auto-detected when launching the application or when selected from the tools menu. There is no longer a need to specify emulation hardware information. Hardware and port information is now automatically detected.
  • Added hardware information to the status bar. This also allows for a smaller emulation toolbox.
  • Status bar flashes to indicate success/failure state with regard to emulator I/O operations.
  • Reduced flicker issue (slightly) in the second column of the ALDL Data and Bit tabs.
  • Fixed minor issue with RamToFile function (emulation)
  • Fixed some PROM I/O bugs (various useability issues)
  • Fixed issue with checksum disable on emulator upload. This was not working.
  • Fixed issue with checksum disable on emulator upload setting not being saved (it was always enabled, even after an attempt to disable).

    Known Issues

  • If datalogging (to file) 160 baud data, playback rate will not match the recorded sample rate and will be *much* faster.

v3.06 (2/16/04)

TunerPro Free

  • Added "Difference Tool." With this tool you can quickly and easily view the differences between any loaded bins (either current edit bin and/or any/all of the 4 compare bins). You can limit the search to only defined ECU items, or view all differences within the bin (even those that are undefined in the ECU).
  • Added ability to export bin data to a text file (which can then be printed if desired). You can find this option in the file menu. This was suggested by a couple users.
  • Added "Splitting" option to Bin Stacker. Now its the Bin Stacker/Splitter. This is EXCELLENT for breaking apart a stacked bin into its individual bins. If you stack a bin using the stacker, save the layout with the stacked bin so you can split it up later if you like.
  • Added ability to copy a table to the clipboard for pasting into Excel, and pasting from excel to a table. Right click on the table for the copy/paste menu.
  • Made some changes to list interactions (including the item finder, difference tool, summary list, and main lists). Should be invisible to most users, but reduces the number of potential bugs in certain situations.
  • Fixed obscure crash caused by item summary list where hiding the main list, showing the summary list, then selecting "new ecu" and then showing the main list would cause a crash.
  • Added a white paper to the documentation on "Creating an ECU file from a hack"

    TunerPro RT

  • Added "disable checksum on bin upload to emulator" feature in preferences. This defaults to uploading 0xAA to offset 0x08 (the mask id). It is recommended that the checksum be disabled for emulation.
  • Added read-only support for 2732A, C128, C256, C512 (all AutoProm HW versions) and 27SF512 read/write (write to SF512 for newer AutoProm HW versions only).
  • Fixed crash when no ALDL definition is open and any tab other than "setup" is selected in the ALDL comm tool
  • Fixed issue with RAM to File. It was basically completely broken. It now works as it is supposed to.
  • Fixed issue with simultaneous 160 baud ALDL acquisition and emulation with AutoProm
  • Chip I/O - verification makes use of the specified buffer/chip addressing now.
  • Chip I/O - save to file makes use of buffer addressing now.

v3.05 (1/20/04)

TunerPro Free

  • Fixed issue where user wasn't being prompted to save new checksum (if optioned) on program exit "Bin Modified, Save?" prompt.
  • When an ECU Item is edited the Summary List and ECU Editor Toolbox get updated if they're open.
  • Added preference option to keep the graph window always on top.
  • Added hex editor (ctrl + h). You can make changes and save them to the bin in memory. Changes aren't saved to file unless you do so in the file menu. Loading the bin into the hex editor may take some time on slower computers.
  • Fixed obscure issue with main/summary list interaction in some situations where it wouldn't allow you to select an item if the summary and main lists were both showing and the item had a counterpart with a similar name.
  • Fixed a *bunch* of ECU editing/manipulation related bugs. Thanks Matt!
  • Fixed crash when hitting escape while dragging an item in any main list.
  • Compacted 3D tables a bit. They take up less workspace area now.
  • Fixed table fonts in win9x. Fonts look much better now.
  • Made minor changes to the ECU Item Editor
  • Fixed something I broke at some point. when changing selection in table editor, graph is how updated with selected point.
  • Fixed installer issue where core .exe wasn't being replaced if it existed. This resulted in unsuccessful upgrades without uninstalling first.
  • Added some importants stuff to the included 6E ECU file. Version is now 11 (6Ev011.ecu). Some added items include MAF table scalers, mask ID (for easy checksum disabled), more IAC params, etc. Added because I needed them.
  • Other minor stuff that I forgot to document.

    TunerPro RT

  • Added ALDL Datastream Definition Editor. Provided you have information on your vehicle's ALDL datastream, you can use this to create a definition for TunerPro, allowing you to connect to you car with TunerPro. The editor allows you to add items, delete items, re-arrange items via drag-and-drop, add/delete/change connection strings, add item/definition comments, etc.
  • Added support for 160 baud ALDL data capture.
  • If emulating, changes made to a graph (2D/3D) are automatically updated to the emulator upon mouse button release.
  • Added prelim, temporary AutoProm A/D capture interface.
  • Changed the Bit Data interface (took away a column, but added the ability to label set/clear bits)

v3.04 (12/26/03)

TunerPro Free

  • Fixed problem where scroll bar disappears from main lists on right-click

    TunerPro RT

  • Fixed issue with updating emulator from table editor. This was a major issue that snuck into a recent version.
  • Fixed emulation in win95/98/ME (didn't work at all in 3.03 on these OSs - related to multi-threading).
  • Fixed Progress Bar for AutoProm firmware update.

v3.03 (12/21/03)

TunerPro Free

  • Added an Item Finder ( Ctrl + F ). This is *great* for cross-referencing an address with an item, for instance when going through a hack to see if you have certain items defined or not. You can also search for key words (like, search for "fuel" will bring up any item with "fuel" in the title) and item sizes in bytes. Pretty handy, I think.
  • Added a "Graphical Table Finder" ( Ctrl + G ). This is a tool for advanced users that is used for looking at entire portions of a bin file to look for patterns or certain "shapes", which usually identifies a table. Used in conjunction with the Item Finder, you can quickly see if you have a particular region defined.
  • Added file association. Now, via the general preferences tab, you can associate/Unassociate bin, ecu, and bsl (TunerPro RT include ads and adl) files with TunerPro such that you can double-click these file types and they open in TunerPro.
  • Fixed crash when changing table cell data when more than one table is open(!). Not sure how long this one was around, but I bet many of you ran into it.
  • 16 Bit tables fully supported now (feature was in early version of GMECM Edit, but got broken). Graphing 16 Bit tables not yet supported, but on the way (need to solve "range" problems).
  • Delete key no longer deletes and ECU item. It is now Ctrl + D. This was causing problems for a number of people who are used to using the Del key for deleting text.
  • Max loadable bin size now technically only limited only by your system memory (was 64 kbyte max). I have capped it at 2 megs for now, though.
  • Changed confusing issue: If you close TunerPro while minized, next time you start TunerPro it will now be restored.
  • I'm pretty sure I fixed the "lists not showing up issue" that happens occasionally for some people. Let me know if you still experience this.

    TunerPro RT (Everything above, plus this RT related stuff...)

  • Data logging and playback to/from file added. This will evolve. Included is a Transport that is used for playback/recording from the other tabs.
  • ALDL link more robust now. Shouldn't drop as easily on 1227165's.
  • Fixed bug in ALDL Monitor #2 current value reporting incorrect units
  • Making changes in the item summary list (inc/dec) updates the emulator with the changes.
  • New AutoProm PROM I/O interface. A little simpler and easier to use.
  • Emulation RAM to File feature now lives in its own window and is easier to use.
  • Option added to preferences to keep checksum updated during emulation. Updates local bin and emulator RAM upon any change.
  • Significant changes to AutoProm backend interfacing (no user impact)
  • PROM I/O and emulator bin upload/verify now live their own thread. This keeps the UI from locking during these operations.
  • Made changes to the ALDL Datastream format. Old versions are not compatible.


v3.02 (11/09/03)

TunerPro Free

  • Bin filename length increased (from 40 characters to 100). This caused a crash for some people.

    TunerPro RT (Everything fixed in the free version, plus...)

  • *** MAJOR problem fixed. Basically, emulation was not working how it was supposed to in previous versions. This is fixed. Many apologies if this caused problems for anyone!
  • Separated the COM ports for emulation and ALDL for those who wish to use a USB->Serial adapter
  • "Send Command" button now works with AutoProm.
  • Fixed a couple of problems related to Prom burning with the AutoProm. This will continue to evolve.


v3.01 (10/27/03)

TunerPro Free & TunerPro RT

  • optimized 3D graphing for really slow machines
  • fixed problem when re-opening the graph window after closing it while it is minimized
  • fixed window placement saving problem in win98 (sorry Win98 users!)
  • application and graph windows will maximize on open if maximized on close


v3.00 (10/19/03)


  • 3D graphing capabilities with point selection/drag and mouse/keyboard rotation and translation (control-click and shift-click or Arrow keys)
  • Compare 4 bins at once (formerly just 1 was available). Switch between them with quick keys (Ctrl + bin number).
  • Now you can change the workspace background color (preferences menu).
  • Pretty new splash screen at startup (dismissable by left clicking on it or in the workspace).
  • Stability and user experience improvements (for instance, ECU item duplicate checking upon creation).
  • Sticky/Docking windows. Toolboxes stick to each other (and desktop edges) and the main app window. When moving app window, all docked windows move too.
  • Added 1k bin/chip/block size to the bin stacker (by request).

    TunerPro RT

  • Craig Moates' AutoProm and XTronics Romulator support. Now you can make changes in real-time!
  • ALDL Data Monitoring (the beginnings of it anyway).

v2.12 (7/15/03)

- fixed UI issue in table editor toolbox (radio button group problem)

v2.11 (6/26/03)

- Added inc/dec functionality within summary view ( using numpad +/- or ctrl -/ctrl = which is the same for the editor windows)
- fixed title bar issue when "new ecu" is selected.
- you can now *actually* disable default ecu opening at bin load
- default ecu loads when dragging/dropping a bin into the editor
- "prompt when mask not recognized" works now.
- fixed a number of crashes

v2.10 (6/11/03)

- 3D tables are graphable by row/col. You can change the row/col mode in the Table Editor Toolbox. Selecting a new column or Row automatically updates the graph for your current selection.
- Added "Default ECUs" to preferences. You can specify a mask id and offset and a default ECU file to open a bin containing that mask ID.
- Added "Edit Logging" as a preferences option (General Prefs tab). When enabled, changes that are made to constants and flags are noted (and if a change is made in a table, a note is made that the table is changed, but not the specific value). The log is titled the same as the edited bin and sits in the same directory as the bin. Check it out! (PS - the log format will likely evolve over time).
- Fixed problem where Inc/Dec'ing a cell in a table that contains decimal change in the thousanths would not inc/dec. (i.e incrememting 1.520 to the next value, 1.524).
- various other small bug fixes

v2.06b (5/7/03)

- Destructive actions must be confirmed during more than just app exit now (opening another ECU when current ECU is modified, for instance).
- various other bug fixes
- Graphing (finally)!!!

v2.05 (4/29/03)

- Added "Item Summary". See list of items, their calc/hex values, locations, etc in a list-view. Sort/Re-order columns. Powerful! Can be shown/hidden by pressing F7. Great for freeing up precious work space. Also, you can use this list instead of the normal item list.
- ECU Item Info/Help field implemented, along with window for viewing (quick key: F10). First couple of Constants, Flags, and Tables in included 6ev010.ecu have example comments.
- Double Clicking a cell shows edit/caret.
- Pressing escape no longer closes editors.
- Pressing escape while editing a table cell returns cell to previous value.
- Added "Recent Bins" and "Recent ECUs" to File & ECU menus.
- Added error checking in bin stacker (if bins are skipped, you will be informed)
- Fixed bug in bin stacker where immediate layout isn't saved when "Append" is pressed causing potentially incorrect stack.
- Added ability to hide/show item lists. Can be toggled from view menu, or by pressing F6. Great for freeing up precious work space!
- Quick Key for editing ECU Item information moved from F1 to F2.
- Made all tool/list windows "toggle-able" by pressing their respective quick keys. Makes it easier to show/hide them.
- Preferences dialog box now consists of property sheets. Cleaner layout, etc. (Especially as more options are added).
- Changed all "Default ECU" stuff to "Load Last ECU". Concept of default ECU made less sense.

v2.02 - v2.04

- internal

v2.01 (4/13/03)

- fixed improper checksum saving routine - checksum was calc'ed correctly, but saved incorrectly.
- fixed file open/save dialog box function - now cancelling choice does not return a filepath
- Fixed bug where file extension was not being added if user did not append it themselves upon saving.
- Fixed bug where app immediately closes in win98 when saving-as without and extension.
- Fixed crash when handling drag & dropped layout file.
- fixed bug where table didn't always get focus when table editor became active.
- fixed bug where when user is actively editing a cell and the table loses focus, the edit does not complete.
- added "fill w/ Value" to table editor functions
- added Track Bar (Slider) to constant editor - a la TunerC*t.
- added workspace windows-refresh after applying preference changes.
- added bin stacker resizing (required re-arrangement of interface).
- added size error-checking to Bin Stacker layout parameters.
- added status bar to bin stacker for reference of block memlocs and bin offsets
- added Ford bin support in the Bin Stacker at the request of Mr. Moates (56k bins, offset $2000)
- added current cell cursor when table loses focus (good for using table functions so you know what cell you've selected).

v2.0 (4/7/03)

- Just about everything is new. Completely new (and waaaay better) UI
- Drag & Drop support in all windows
- New table editing functions
- Table compare feature much improved. Now supports difference view, etc.
- Right clicking on list items for shortcuts
- Edit table/Binstacker color schemes
- so, so much more ...

v1.01 (3/13/03)

- fixed bug where "1.#J" would be displayed for a byte when multordivorbit was 1 (divide) and the byte at the offset is 0x00.
- fixed bug where you could open the table editor if there was no ECU loaded, causing the app to crash.
- fixed bug where adding a new ECU item when no ECU was loaded caused a crash.

v1.0 (3/02/03)

- first "official" release!
- added compare functionality to tables.
- completely re-wrote Bin Stacker. This is now compatible with chip switches ( and can also be used for stacking 16k bins on 32k chips (29C256).
- added the ability to highlight the currently selected row in the table editor. Can be toggled in preferences menu
- "quick copy" button added for copying constants from the compared bin to the active bin.
- upgraded compiler to VC7 (.NET), which exposed new bugs to fix (mostly memory issues).
- fixed bug where saving table after selecting a constant/flag without closing table editor will corrupt a bin.
- constant/flag editors disabled (do not accept input) when constant/flag not selected.
- other not-noteworthy minor fixes.

v0.94b (2/24/03)

- fixed table editor ellipsis in win98/ME
- fixed version number in caption bar
- fixed compare bin file name in caption and main bin file name text.
- improved status bar text.
- other little things, too.

V0.93b (2/19/03)

- Fixed crashes in win98/ME.
- Compare Feature implimented for constant and flags. Tables coming shortly.
- Fixed bug where saved bin is 64k.
- other various bug fixes.

v0.92b (2/19/03)
v0.91b (2/18/03)

- can't remember.



Copyright 2002 - 2011 Mark Mansur