TunerPro Plug-ins (for Version 5 and later)

To install these plug-ins, download them and unzip them to your <documents>\tunerpro files\plugins\ directory, then restart TunerPro. Do not place them in the TunerPro program files directory.

To verify that they've been properly installed, go to help->plug-ins for a list of active plug-ins. Once installed, you may enable and configure (if applicable) the plug-in via preferences.

Mark Mansur (TunerPro)
Data acquisition plug-in for Fenix ECUs (Renault, etc). Must use matching definitions (included in download). Hardware interfaces for these ECUs can be purchased here (French).
OBDII Datastream Parser for ELM327-Based Interfaces
Mark Mansur (TunerPro)

Data acquisition plug-in for communicating with ELM327-based OBDII interfaces. This basic plug-in allows you to monitor real-time OBDII data (the generic PIDs) from nearly all vehicles 1996 and newer. Interfaces can be purchased from various sources, including here.

Updated November 3rd, 2013

- Updated the reference definition to be more useful
- Fixed minor bug in plug-in that could cause TunerPro to crash

Buell Reader/Writer
Mark Mansur (TunerPro)
Emulation plug-in for reading and writing data to/from Buell ECUs. Should work with all Buell motorcycles. Please do provide feedback and, as always, use at your own risk.
LC1 Datastream Parser
Eric Honsch
Data acquisition plug-in for communicating with the Innovate LC1 wide-band O2 controller.

• Links to other Plug-ins

joukoy/gm-checksum-plugins: Tunerpro checksum plugins for GM PCM files (github.com)

Developing Plug-ins

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