Please Read Before Registering

TunerPro and TunerPro RT are free. All features of TunerPro RT can be used indefinitely without registering. Please ensure that it meets your needs before you register. Since TunerPro is a hobby project for its author, support directly from the author will be limited and cannot be guaranteed. Numerous avenues for getting help and answers to your questions exist, including the forums, Facebook support groups, and the many vehicle-specific sites around the globe (e.g. Thanks for understanding.

Note that once you receive your registration key, there can be no refund, as there is no way for you to "return" your key to us. Refunds may be processed before a registration key is sent.

If you've sent payment and haven't received your key within 24 hours, please check your spam filter. The email containing your key will have a .zip file attached to it, and this occasionally trips up spam filters. If you have any questions, please email me.

Click the link below to email me:

• TunerPro RT Registration

Thanks for choosing to register TunerPro RT Version 5*! I put every penny donated into recuperating the development costs (caffeine, books and my develoment equipment), to keeping my car (and test mule for the software) running, and back into TunerPro itself. I appreciate your support!

TunerPro RT is "free shareware" and the unregistered version is missing no features and does not expire. However, registering does 3 things:

  • It removes the registration dialog box at program startup.
  • It tells me, the author, that I'm doing good and useful work and encourages me to continue developing it.
  • It offsets, at least a bit, the (literally!) thousands of hours I've spent writing the hundeds of thousands of lines of codes I've written and emails I've answered over the years to help the community.

*A version 5 registration key also works with version 4.


Steps for registering:

1. Please Paypal your $39 USD donation using the payment button immediately below. Be sure to include your name and address. Your information will never be used for anything except the registration process. You will never receive mail or phone calls or email (aside from your registration key).

2. Once funds clear, you will be emailed your personalized registration key, which will be sent as an attachment. Please allow up to 48 hours for email delivery, and double check your spam folder. These keys are generated manually, and I travel on occasion with no access to the key generator.

3. After installing the latest build of TunerPro RT version 5, double click the key that was emailed to you. TunerPro should post a message to you stating you've successfully registered.

• Donation

Don't need the features of TunerPro RT, but want to show your appreciation and support for the free version of TunerPro or other free software available from You're welcome (but never obligated) to donate to show your support!


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